5 Creative Hen Party Ideas

Every bride-to-be has different interests, with planning a hen party you must keep the bride’s interests in mind. If the bride happens to be creative, below are 5 creative hen party ideas to make her hen party special.

Cooking and/or Baking Class Hen Party

The creative bride-to-be might want to brush up on her cooking or baking skills so she can create something delicious for her groom on their wedding night.

Goody Bag Ideas

Personalized spatulas

Grocery store gift cards

Personalized grocery bag

Painting Class Hen Party

You can find places that offer painting classes basically anywhere. Painting can be relaxing and fun for the bride-to-be and the hens.

Goody Bag Ideas

Paint brush sets

Easels (Regular or mini)

Set of paints

Pottery Class Hen Party

Playing in clay might be messy, but it is a sure way to be fun for a creative bride-to-be. Personalize her an apron to wear that says “Bride-to-be” so she can wear it to her pottery class hen party.

Goody Bag Ideas

Modeling clay

Personalized aprons

Play Doh

Make Your Own Soap, Bath Bombs, Perfume, Or Lip Balm Hen Party

Craft stores sell kits to make your own soap, bath bombs, perfume, or lip balm along with other fun DIY kits. Get the same kit for every hen or get multiple kits to make multiple things. The bride-to-be might even wear the perfume she created for her special day.

Goody Bag Ideas

Bath bombs, perfume, soaps or lip balms (store bought)

Their very own DIY kit to make at home

Craft store gift card

Paint Your Own Tea Set Hen Party

Craft stores sell special paints that are safe to paint dishes with. Get some tea sets or just a tea cup for each hen to paint. The creative bride-to-be is sure to cherish the memories she will make painting tea cups with the girls before her big day.

Goody Bag Ideas


Personalized saucer for their tea cup they just painted

Packs of cookies or biscuits to go with their tea

If you’re as creative as the bride-to-be you are sure to think up other ideas to go with this short list of creative hen party ideas. Don’t forget to take pictures of the hens being creative together!